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Interior Design

Condo Decoration

Image by Viktor Bystrov

Pick Pieces that Can Do Double Duty

  • Velvet jewel-tone furniture adds energy to your living room while providing comfortable seating.

  • An antique Persian rug adds warmth and texture.

  • Use a mirrored folding screen to reflect light and create visual interest.

  • Mix furniture styles for an eclectic yet polished look.

  • Consider a narrow console table as a desk. Side tables with drawers can store linens, candles, and other tabletop goods for the nearby dining room.

Decorating a condo can be both exciting and challenging due to limited space. Here are
some expert tips, ideas, and hacks to personalize your condo and make it feel stylish and

Don’t Be Color-Shy

  • Neutral colors can make a small space seem even smaller. Colorful hues on walls, floors, or ceilings add interest and can make rooms look expansive.

  • In rooms without natural light, add your own sunshine. For example, paint the walls in the powder room a peach color to create a jewel-box effect.

  • Replace dated industrial-looking floor tiles with graphic concrete tiles for a fresh look.

  • Amp up the opulence with deco-inspired sconces in small spaces1.

Green Cabinet
Mirror on the Wall

Layer with Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in condo decorating:

  • Hang hooks near the entryway for hats, purses, or light jackets.

  • Choose a unit with a shelf on top for grab-and-go items like keys and sunglasses.

  • Hang a large mirror near the door for last-minute touch-ups before heading out.

Planning is Everything:

Before diving into decorating, plan carefully:

  • Consider the layout, flow, and functionality of each space.

  • Make the most of every inch by choosing furniture that fits well.

  • Maximize storage with built-in shelves, under-bed drawers, and hidden solutions.

  • Declutter regularly to maintain a clean and organized look.

Modern Interior Design
Interior Design

Add Artistic Statements

Hall-closet doors are ideal spots for artistic expression:

  • Paint a graphic image or mural on the door to make a statement.

  • Consider using bold colors or patterns to create visual interest.

  • This small touch can elevate the overall vibe of your condo.

Choose Dark Furniture

Dark furniture pieces can add sophistication and depth to your space:

  • Opt for dark wood, metal, or upholstery.

  • Dark tones create contrast against lighter walls and floors.

  • Balance the darkness with reflective surfaces and lighter accessories.

Interior Design
Interior Modern Brick House

Go Monochromatic

A monochromatic color scheme can make your condo feel cohesive and spacious:

  • Stick to shades of a single color (e.g., varying tones of blue or gray).

  • Use different textures and patterns within the same color family.

  • This approach creates a harmonious look throughout the space3.

  • Remember, personalizing your condo is all about reflecting your style and making the most of the available space. Feel free to mix and match these tips to create a condo that feels like home!

Here are some essential interior design rules and tricks to enhance your space:

Mix Textures:

To add depth and interest to your space, mix different textures:

  • Consider using materials like metal, wood, rattan, and natural woven fabrics.

  • Combine metal accents with wooden furniture or pair rattan/woven fabrics with lacquered furniture or walls.

Interior Design
Luxurious Bed

Layer Lighting

Multiple light sources can elevate the mood of any room:

  • Avoid relying solely on a single overhead pendant light.

  • Add floor lamps, sconces, or table lamps to create a subtle glow.

  • Implement layers of light with chandeliers, lamps, and recessed lights12.

Take Risks with Accessories

Don’t be afraid to make bold statements with accessories:

  • Start small by incorporating quirky bowls, statement vases, or other unique pieces.

  • Update classic, timeless elements to make them current and personalized1.

Table with Artifacts
Image by Spencer

Start with a Simple Base

If you have brick walls that limit your color scheme, consider painting them white:


  • Paint over brownish-red brick to create a fresh canvas for your interior design.

  • Follow the rules: If the brick has historic character, keep it as is; otherwise, say goodbye to brown brick.

Always Measure Your Space

Before purchasing furniture or decor items, measure your space:


  • Use the mantra: “Measure twice, buy once.”

  • Ensure that your chosen pieces fit harmoniously within the room.

Image by William Warby
Image by Jason Briscoe

Let There Be Light

Proper lighting can transform any room. Consider these tips:


  • Natural light: Open your windows to let sunlight in.

  • Lamps: Add floor lamps or table lamps for a warm and cozy ambiance.

  • Wall sconces and pendant lights save floor space while illuminating your interior.

Think Vertical, Not Horizontal

Maximize space by focusing on vertical decorations:


  • Hang wreaths and branches instead of bulky trees.

  • Use wall-mounted decor to avoid cluttering the floor.

Interior Design
Image by Curology

Define Taste vs. Excess

Clearly define what your condo association considers tasteful and excessive:


  • Write guidelines in your governing documents.

  • Avoid misunderstandings by setting expectations regarding holiday decorations.

  • Ensure that your chosen pieces harmoniously integrate within the room.

Remember that these rules are not rigid, but they serve as helpful guidelines to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing interior. 

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